About Us


GM Builders are a team of innovators. We are detail-oriented builders and craftsmen, who will transform your current home, loft, or flat into the space you have always dreamed of. From extensions, to remodels, skilled refurbishments, or even building your home from scratch—we can do it all!

What we believe

We believe that for a space to be fully functional, it requires more than the essential furniture and beautiful home décor—but also the custom craftsmanship offered at GM Builders. We can take any living space large or small, and transform it into a personalised space designed to deliver maximum function and style.


It all began in 2009, with a handful of small building projects. Our approach was to offer innovative and fully customised designs, built with only the best products. Soon our reputation began to spread, and the referrals began rolling in.

Why choose us

Using the highest quality in standard building supplies, to luxury building materials—we source everything needed to make your home or office standout. While most of the projects we complete are for remodels and extensions, we are also available to build your home from scratch!